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KOSUGI, Tatsuro
KOSUGI, Tatsuro
  Senior Associates

Areas of expertise

Organic chemistryPolymer chemistry

Registered as a patent attorney in April 2013

Patent Attorney Registration No. 18959


My motto is to work courteously and provide services that will add greater value to the intellectual properties of clients.


March 2003: Bachelor of Information Science Technology, Hokkaido University
March 2008: Doctor of Information Science Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University

Professional background

April 2008: Joined Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd.
January 2010: Yokohama City University, research fellow
April 2013: Joined another firm
October 2018: Joined SIKs & Co.


Kosugi T., Kawahara K., Yamada T., Nakajima T. and Tanaka M. Functional significance of the preconditioning-induced down-regulation of glutamate transpoter GLT-1 in neuron/astrocyte co-cultures. Neurochemical Research 30:1109-1116, 2005. Kosugi T. and Kawahara K. Reversed actrocytic GLT-1 during ischemia is crucial to excitotoxic death of neurons, but contributes to the survival of astrocytes themselves. Neurochemical Research 31 (7):933-943, 2006. Kosugi T., Kawahara K., Tanaka M., Watanabe Y. and Inanami O. Neuron is the primary target of Ca2+ paradox-type insult-induced cell injury in neuron/astrocyte co-cultures. Neurochemistry International 52:887-896 2008.